Team Building Activities

Hidden in a dark corner, Mark from sales and Jenny from accounts push closer together, their hearts beat faster, their breathing quickens. Mark’s eyes widen and he watches his companion’s lips as she whispers, ‘Alex from HR is coming at you bro’.

While Mark is as upset that this didn’t end in a love scene (because god knows Mark has been making puppy dog eyes at Jenny for long enough and quite frankly it’s making us all sick), the good news is that he is having the most fun that’s possible to have at a function because:

He has had a couple of beers on the company tab and
He is now running around with real life shooty lasers in some futuristic arena and he’s not quite sure why this is all happening but it’s really good and not very much like work at all and he’s going to go along with it.

So, for right now, he’s going to forget Jenny from accounts and try to laser either his boss, or James the new BDM who wears his scarf inside all day, even though it’s climate controlled in the office.

Plus, he’s got 10 frames of bowling later on to try it out with Jenny from accounts.

Team Building Functions

If you’re looking for a great team building function then Strike is the perfect place for you. At Strike you are able to hire private bowling lanes, sing in our karaoke rooms or build team work in our laser tag arenas or new Exitus Escape Puzzle Rooms.

We have a wide range of team building function packages or you can build your package.

Our dedicated Strike Functions team are always on hand to ensure your event is a success. Call 1300 STRIKE or contact us.



Strike Laser Tag takes laser tag to the next level. Compete in the themed arenas with amazing props, easy to use weapons and an amazing soundtrack, and you've got an adrenaline-packed experience that will blow your mind.

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The story is set in 2050 - where the theme was first established in Sydney in 2008. The story is based around Australia during global warming and is occupied by an evil Corporation at war with the citizens, and the people fight back in the form of "The Resistance".

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Prepare to be blown away by a whole new concept in laser tag! The ‘theme park-style’ laser arena in Brisbane hosts battles of up to 30 participants and features laser tag technology, realistic soundscape and various styles of gameplay.

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