Laser Tag Chatswood

Strike Laser Tag in Chatswood is an incredible arena takes your fight to the stars, where you’ll battle aboard an enemy mothership to capture a lunar colony.

Forget those cramped black mazes you used to play laser tag in. This is a fully fitted out spaceship complete with bridge and captains chair (which is great for sniping from).



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There are multiple places to hide in this arena although be warned, the battlefield design doesn’t encourage camping out for too long in the one place.

This Strike Laser Tag arena boasts really simple to use lasers (they understand minimalist weaponry in the future) and a fun, single level arena that suits everything the sneakiest sneaker to the highest heel.

Get down to the best laser tag Sydney has to offer!

Level 4 Mandarin Centre, Chatswood 2067   |   1300 787 453

Laser Tag Chatswood

Strike Laser Tag. – Sort it out with lasers.



Strike Laser Tag takes laser tag to the next level. Compete in the themed arenas with amazing props, easy to use weapons and an amazing soundtrack, and you've got an adrenaline-packed experience that will blow your mind.

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The story is set in 2050 - where the theme was first established in Sydney in 2008. The story is based around Australia during global warming and is occupied by an evil Corporation at war with the citizens, and the people fight back in the form of "The Resistance".

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Prepare to be blown away by a whole new concept in laser tag! The ‘theme park-style’ laser arena in Brisbane hosts battles of up to 30 participants and features laser tag technology, realistic soundscape and various styles of gameplay.

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