Kids Parties: All in a Day’s Fun

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Today’s kids are looking for more than a few party hats and a slice of cake at their birthday celebrations. As a parent, you want to make sure the birthday child and all the guests have fun, and you know that a party that keeps kids busy is a surefire hit. Here are three great kids party games that make for good times and cherished memories. Best of all, they require little or no work on the part of the hosts, so everyone can relax and enjoy the festivities.


An old favourite for kids of all ages, bowling is good clean fun. Party guests will cheer each other on and even get a little exercise, too. No matter how large your group is, bowling parties are simple. Shoes and balls are all that’s required to get the party started. For the perfect atmosphere, choose a modern bowling alley that offers videos and music to keep guests in the party mood between turns. To be sure the fun isn’t over too soon, plan to have kids bowl at least two games.


Channel the birthday child’s inner diva or rock star with a karaoke party. Make a playlist of the guest of honor’s favorite, parent-approved music and watch guests put on the performance of a lifetime. For added fun, choose a party venue with a stage on which guests can perform, and rent a box of outrageous costumes and props; the party photos will be priceless. Wrap up the fun by sending each guest home with a one-of-a-kind party favor: a digital recording of his or her performance.

Laser Tag

Great for kids on the go, a laser tag party gets everyone up and moving. Be sure to choose a party venue that can accommodate your group size so there’s no pesky sitting out of the arena waiting turns to put a damper on the fun. For an unforgettable outing that the birthday child and his or her friends will be talking about for weeks to come, choose a laser tag facility with state-of-the-art equipment, amazing scenery and an interesting theme or storyline to get guests’ adrenaline pumping.

No matter how long your guest list, choosing the perfect kids party games is essential to making sure everyone at the party has a good time. If you have more time to spare or a truly adventurous group, choosing one facility that offers bowling, karaoke and laser tag might even be a good option. Break guests into groups of manageable sizes and have them rotate through the activities, or take one smaller group from game to game, watching as they laugh and play throughout the day.

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