Laser Tag Newcastle: Mission Briefing

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Strike Laser Tag Newcastle briefing video installment two, battle for the mines. While the main forces have been tied up in Aqua Station Zero & The Battle for Sydney a small team of resistance soldiers have infiltrated corporation assets in the Newcastle area.

Just as Strike Bowling Bar revolutionised bowling, we’re now taking laser tag to the next level. Episode 3 in the 2050 series sees you skirmish your mates in the underground mines of Newcastle, as you search to free the liquid treasure from the clutches of the Corporation.
The Laser Tag Newcastle has a million-dollar playing arena designed by the team behind Matrix Revolutions and X-Men: Wolverine, laser tag at Strike Charlestown Square looks and feels like you’re in a movie. Add configurable laser skirmish weapons and a pumping soundtrack, and you’ve got an adrenaline-packed experience that will blow your mind.

Video Transcript
Quiet! Is everyone in?

Alright, soldiers, you’re going to feel some pressure as we descend to ‘20,000’ feet.

Hold on tight, I don’t think this old elevator’s been used in 20 years.

Eyes forward, we’re descending. Renegade this is resistance 1, confirming the descent has commenced, we have an ETA of 2 Minutes.

While our main forces have been tied up in Aqua Station Zero & The Battle for Sydney, a small team of resistance soldiers have infiltrated
Corporation assets in the Newcastle area. Led by Commander Blaze,
the team has been MIA, presumed lost for several weeks

Until today.

Minutes ago, Resistance HQ received an encrypted transmission from Commander Blaze, containing diagrams of a vast underground fresh water reservoir.

From her reports, we’ve been able to ascertain that the Corporation has accessed existing coal mine digs, and drilled thousands of feet deeper to claim and control the water.

An underground ocean.

Protected by The Corporation Guard, the water is controlled and diverted by a system of locks. Commander Blaze’s intel indicates that the Corporation has released only a small fraction of this water, increasing demand and tightening their grip on the population of Australia. Liberating this underground ocean will restore water supply to millions of Australians.

Within days, our advance forces will control the ports of Newcastle.

Now, we need to reclaim the mines.

Once you’re out of this elevator you’ll find yourself in a subterranean cavern.

Corporation elite guards could be anywhere here, expect strong resistance around the power plant and the air purifier.
Commander Blaze’s intel highlighted the site office, and the old drilling platform as potential strike force targets, and if you do make it through the mine entrance, the stalactites will provide you with natural defence pillars. Try to keep moving through each area, clearing them of resistance as you go.

“Enemy fire can and will come from everywhere. Good luck, soldiers.”




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